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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

J-POP Perfume - Live in toyko dome Font

sample work:

font name: pfmfont

sample work
font name: pfmfont2

download link (2 fonts) (mediafire)

The credit

2NE1 Font

sample work:

you need to modify the "E" by yourself

Font Name: Saved by Zero

download link: (

SNSD Girls Generation 少女時代 Gee Font

sample work:

font name: Loki Cola

download link: (

Lady Gaga - Born This Way font

sample work:

Font Name: Born This Way

!! Please use Capital letter to type the words(B-Z), otherwise the font will not show up .
There are two letter "A" in this font.

download link:

Avril Lavigne Font (all albums)

Font Name:

Let Go -> Diediedie
UMS-> Polaroid 
TBDT -> RamsonNote
GL -> TrixiePlain

download link (4 fonts): 

Friday, June 10, 2011

K-POP font - little summary

Have Fun =P

P.S. Kara font = Ariel Bold (everyone has it) XD
Others can be searched in my previous posts

2PM - Time for Change Font

 sample work:

 Font Name: CGF Locust Resistance

download link: (

Britney Spears Womanizer font

sample work:

font name: N.O.- Movement

     download link: (

Madonna Confessions on a dance floor cd cover font

sample work:

font name: Madonna

download link:

t.A.T.u font

font name: TATU LA

download link: (

(Movie) JUNO font

sample work:

Font name: Pointy

download link: (

Paramore Riot! font

sample work:

font name:  RIOT!

download link: (

Katy Perry Font


type "." on keyboard = a heart font (the one in the "P" on Katy's CD cover)

font name: Katy Berry

download link:

SNSD Girls Generation Genie Font

sample work:

Font name: federation classic

download link


sample work: 

Font Name: Earth 

download link: (mediafire)

SNSD Girls Generation Oh! Font


Font Name: Alba

Download link

Greetings + How to insert new font

Hey! This blog is to introduce different fonts and provide links to download. You can use them to create your computer work. I will start to introduce fonts which are used by singers cd cover first. Enjoy!

Ways to insert fonts

Go to start -> control panel -> font -> insert your file(.ttf) to "font" -> done =)